Aaron Schondorf is a young multimedia composer from New York City.  He has written music for film, television, video games, documentaries, advertisement companies, and live performances. He specializes in sweeping hybrid orchestral scores with a signature cinematic flair that maintains an intimate and personal connection to narrative.

Aaron recently composed music for the feature length film The Faerie Queene by Lenny Lou which will be shown at the 2024 Brooklyn Film Festival. Aaron's upcoming projects include the games Mycopunk (Pigeons at Play), Silencer (Diane Wang), and Short Straws (Lexa Glucksman), produced through the venerated NYU Game Center, as well as the short films Remains (Lenny Luo), Amantis Noctis (Ronnie Murphy), Patheticality: The Hilt of Justice (Paradise Productions), Dinner and a Mystery (Shannon Repsher), The Great American Motion Picture (Kole Boyd), and Woodshop (Oscar Vasquez). Furthermore, he has collaborated with many companies including Black Label Music (composer), Fieldston Choral Society (arranger), Carleton College (music director, arranger, and conductor), VocalEssence (intern), and Circus Smirkus (composer, composer's assistant, juggler and acrobat).

Aaron brings a unique perspective to his music and the projects in which he is involved. He decided to attend NYU to achieve a Masters of Music in Music Theory and Composition through their lauded Screen Scoring program after graduating from Carleton College with a BA in Mathematics, for which his thesis paper will be published, and Music, for which he was awarded distinction.

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